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may 8, 2023

casio watch, wallet, glasses, keychain, necklace and phone layed out on a dark surface.
casio f-91w, gold necklace, cards and cash
held by a money clip, keys held by a key
ring, google pixel 6a, silver glasses

the watch i wear almost everyday is the
casio f-91w. this is actually my second
f-91w – i brought the first one in 2012 and
the band broke in 2019. the model i'm using
right now is a collection 10 edition called
f-91wg-9qer to be exact. it has gold accents
instead of the classic blue and the display
also has a yellow tint. here is why i love
this watch so much:

after a month the time is maybe 2 seconds
off which is very impressive. it fits
perfectly on smaller wrists like mine
(modern watches look like a frisbee on me).
battery life is amazing - the one from 2012
is still running today. 13€ is unbeatable
and makes it accessible to almost anyone –
that's good design.

after graduating my grandparents gave me
some money to go and get a necklace to have
something to remind me of them. it's yellow
gold and 55cm long. 

for the past 10 years i have been using a
money clip as a wallet. i bought like 5 for
5€ off of ebay and gave some to family and
friends who also wanted to try. my dad for
example only uses it in the summer when he
has no jacket to put his wallet into. i have
my id, drivers license and credit card
wrapped with some cash in there. i also have
1 or 2€ in the small pocket every jeans has
for some reason. these sometimes come handy
for using public lockers.

my keys are held by a regular key ring. i've
tried other solutions like keysmart but i
keep coming back to a key ring. nice thing
is that i can also carry my car key on here
since in the 80s cars used to have normal
keys (as they should!). i also have a sim
card remover on there since i regularly
switch to a razr v3.

i have grapheneos installed on my pixel 6a.
i use it to talk to other people through
messaging or calls, to look up stuff when
i'm outside and to take photos.

most text more than 2m away is hard for me
to read – glasses help me with that. the
brand is ace&tate, the model is called neil,
color is satin silver.